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Unstoppable Movement for Positive Change

A New Hope…

We need a vision for a better world…one filled with hope rather than alarmism…so that different entities can each do their own thing but align with the philosophy.


A Tsunami so powerful that Government must listen.


Alignment with a movement. A movement is bigger than an individual because it represents an idea for a better future. Being part of a movement protects front-line activists from being targeted by vested interests that resist change. A movement has no single leader, just many entities each aligned but focusing on the core issue that is important to them.


People respond well to an inspirational vision, so the foundation is about healthy lifestyles that cut across all traditionally divisive messaging found in politics.


Reject the status quo as being a road to disaster and demand change for the better. But change within the framework of the law. The law must be applied without fear or favor, rejecting vigilantism that seeks to enforce the law. Simply put: Government must govern properly so that the citizenry doesn’t demand regime change, just a change in attitude.

Professor Anthony Turton

And It’s Here…

This inevitable earthquake happened on 1 November 2021, giving birth to an Unstoppable Tsunami, and the Three Waves of this 3-Part Strategy for Positive Change is already on its way – The Agents of Positive Change!

Part A

The First Wave requires every Voter to get out of hiding and to take a stand at the voting stations in 2024, en masse, because if you don’t, you effectively vote for the status quo – Ineptitude and corruption! (check your status here: https://www.elections.org.za/pw/Voter/Where-Do-I-Vote).

Part B

The Second Wave enshrines a methodology to drive the paradigm shift needed in the Socio-Political System (B1), commensurate with the Rehabilitation of Basic Service Delivery (B2, B3 & B4) where we restore Power to the People that will directly hold local Councillors accountable, rather than to continue allowing a few evil, eletist puppet masters to control them!

Part C

The Third Wave will see the establishment of infrastructure and projects that will uplift communities, starting with the Indigent, to deal with Water-, Energy-, and Food Security, Poverty and the restoration of Law and Order.

Gerhard Janse van Rensburg

Part B – The Unstoppable Movement for Constitutional Accountability

Four Cornerstones of a Sound Local Democracy

To address the calamities facing South Africa, a holistic, realistic and global strategy was developed consisting of the following four components:

1 - Professionalize Local Councils

To understand this process, we need to understand what it means to be professional. It means not only to stick to what you are meant to be doing, but to do it well, to the best of your ability. In South Africa at the moment the Local Council has too many fingers in too many pies, which makes for inefficiency at all levels.

The Local Council is accountable to their constituencies and responsible for administering municipal by-laws and policy. They should not be responsible for municipal administration, as this leads to interference with the municipal function.

The target will be to engage ethical, competent, Servant Leaders, that are focused on Community Interest, not Self Interest, but, alas, this will take time, as the political paradigm shift pendulum (that kicked into place on 1 November 2021) swings slowly, but surely.

It will be the task of the Change Agents, Part 2 – Change Intervention Programmes (CIPs) and Part 3 – Stakeholder Forums (SHFs), to pave the way for mobilizing communities to leverage this paradigm shift towards a new meritorial, accountable socio-political dispensation in South Africa.


2 - Projectize Local Municipalities

The function of the Local Municipality is to provide basic services (Electricity, Water & Sanitation and Refuse Collection), and to professionally maintain and upgrade the infrastructure that delivers these services to the communities they serve. However, its inability to maintain and upgrade these strategic assets have led to a gradual degradation in infrastructure, and ultimately to a state of total disrepair, mainly due to a lack of project management capability. And even where competent project management capability exists, this function is rendered ineffective through political interference and lack of support.

This is where the Change Intervention Programme (CIP) comes in – Non-profit special purpose vehicles of project management professionals that are completely independent, objective and unbiased, focusing only on getting municipal projects implemented and ensuring that operational functions are able to support and maintain the infrastructure (continual process improvement). These CIPs are resourced from local communities and financially supported by professional fees levied through these projects (under strict terms and conditions, such that there can never be any issues with conflicts of interest, subjectivity or favoritism), with the sole mandate to assist local municipalities in planning and executing projects successfully.


3 - Democratize Local Communities

Leaders are like eagles… they don’t flock. You’ll find them one at a time. Knute Rockne

Democracy, by definition, is meant to be government of the people, by the people, for the people. However, the current socio-political dispensation reduces this ideology to one where we see Councillors elected by the people, to serve a political party, for the benefit of the party, and the people become inconsequential,for as long as they pay their taxes to fund these power-mongery…

The stakeholder Forum (a non-profit company) changes this by putting in place a structure at local government level, whereby citizens, not politicians, will have a say in the day to day affairs of their communities, and where local Councillors will be held accountable. This is not only truly democratic, but means that the feelings of all citizens are heard on an equal, inclusive platform, before decisions are made, by spokespersons who have been elected by, and truly represent those citizens

Lessons Learnt

It also rules out a common error that most often shipwrecks any community driven initiative – Avoiding ‘named entities’, or organisations, as members. This can be fatal, as the strongest entity usually usurps the community initiative to push its own agenda, instead of the common agenda of the community. It is mission-critical for the Stakeholder Forum to remain unbiased and objective, periodically (annually) replacing its Directorate through democratic community focus group election process.

4 - Strong Governance Structures

It is the integrity of each individual human that is in final examination… On personal integrity hangs humanity’s fate. Buckminster Fuller

In a true democracy, The People remain in control of their own destinies, lead by Servant Leaders in the public sector. However, a central firewall , which is also the glue that binds (governance structure), exists to stop political interference with local municipalities at a functional level, as we’ve lived the destruction this brings when unscrupulous Politicians are left unchecked to their own devices.

The Public/Private Partnership governance structure facilitates that alliance between the public- and private (SHF) sectors, with the one keeping the other ‘in check’, and vice versa, and the CIP is an objective, unbiased Implementation Agent.



Visualization of this Unstoppable Movement for Constitutional Accountability enterprise is essential to understand how the individual components will uniquely and collectively play its role out in the ‘big picture’.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Frederic R. Barnard

Transformation Governance & Compliance Board

Transformation is not easy; it implies hard work by dedicated, scrupulous Servant Leaders that have a singular focus – To achieve the Common Vision. Full stop. These Servant Leaders are members of the Transformation Governance & Compliance Board (TGCB), carefully selected to act as ‘Monitors’ on the Boards of Directors of organizations that was constituted for, or have subscribed to, the Unstoppable Movement for Positive Change (UMPC).

The purpose of the TGCB is to facilitate a smooth and transparent transition towards the Common Vision; in fact they set the Common Vision as it is shaped through the arduous transition period facing South Africa over the next 30 to 60 years (yes, it could take up to double the time to fix the country as it has taken the evil Cartels to break it down!).

The Executive Committee of the TGCB could look something like this:

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